If this video doesn’t move you – then nothing will.

It makes one realize that positivity, encouragement is so powerful that it can actually alter the course of someone’s life.

I see so much value in this – as a parent, and as a leader.

As a parent, you have the capacity to motivate your child in so many positive ways – so much so that your child uses this as a catalyst to build confidence, character.

(While we are on this note – I am looking forward to seeing “Wonder” which hits the theaters this weekend. This great dialogue from the trailer speaks volumes.

Isabel (Mom) : You are not ugly. Anyone who cares to know you would see that.

Auggie (Son) : You’re only saying that because you’re my mom.

Isabel (Mom) : Because I am your mom, it counts the most. Because I am your mom, I know you the most.

Those simple words you use for reassurance, “Good job!”, “Way to go, buddy!”, etc., resonate to them and they use these to keep going – in school, in sports, in the arts.

In the same way that as a leader, you have to realize how important those coaching sessions are; how important recognition is; how invaluable encourage and positive reinforcement are. These are all excellent tools in managing people, and teams. This positive force, as I like to call it, is what catapults them to deliver results.

The power IN positivity, need I say more?

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